Thursday, December 23, 2010

Two Kingdom Clarity

PCA pastor Jason Stellman, has kicked off a helpful discussion on Two Kingdom Theology under this post Burn, Baby, Burn. He is responding to Dr. Keith Mathison's book review of David VanDrunen's book, Living in God's Two Kingdoms, posted over at Ligonier Ministries. I saw Mathison's review the day it came out but hesitated to post a link simple because I had not read DVD's book.

I have still not read the book (it's on the list) but found this discussion very helpful. In particular Mathison's biggest point of concern is DVD's assertion that there is less continuity between our present world and life in the New Jerusalem and the new heavens and the new earth. Mathison's review is fair, measured and charitable. So is Stellman's discussion and the comments that follow. I would note that special attention ought to be given to the comments posted by Zrim. He runs the blog, The Confessional Outhouse (see link to the right). I think he interprets Stellman and VanDrunen correctly and offers clarifying answers to questions posted by various readers.

I think I get Two-Kingdom Theology at the 30,000 foot level. Its on the ground where I'm still trying to work out the details. As I get those figured out I will post more.

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