Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Grieving for a Friend

Yesterday I was surprised to learn that fellow PCA minister, Jason Stellman, was leaving our denomination. As I read further I was absolutely stunned to learn his reasons: He no longer agrees with Sola Scriptura nor does he agree with Sola Fide.

Jason and I first crossed paths in 2004 at the Twin Lakes Conference held near Jackson, Mississippi. In the years since I have admired his work – the church he planted, his regular blog posts, and his book, Dual Citizens.  In the last year or so my admiration for him went up because of his involvement in the Peter Leithart trial. He and I have spoken on the phone and met at General Assembly. At the moment I'm not quite sure what to say.

Scripture reminds us that one cannot go against their conscience and to do so is a sin (Romans 14:23). Thus, it is proper for Jason to step down as an ordained minister: his conscience mandates such action. However, let's remember that our consciences are fallible and can be misled.  

It is my hope and prayer that Jason, after much prayer, reflection and counsel, will come to grips with the questions that are plaguing him and reaffirm what he once affirmed.

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