Friday, June 8, 2012

Putting It into Persective

The news of Jason Stellman's departure from the PCA took me back a bit.  It also led to some reflection upon my life and ministry.

As I've tried to gain perspective on his decision I've come across some essays that were helpful.  You may wish to visit these links:

D.G. Hart

Lane Keister

Sam DeSocio

William Smith -

I am aware that there are many other essays posted across the blogosphere about this matter.  However, given the tone of many who posted comments at Jason's blog, Creed, Code, Cult, I'm a little uncomfortable posting additional links.  You can find them on your own.

One other note: The March-April 2012 edition of Modern Reformation magazine was entitled "Exit Interviews"  discussed this very topic.  Click here to read several interviews of evangelicals who have chosen other theological paths. 

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