Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Update on Jason Stellman - Dear Jason: the Church Won? You Didn't Even Throw a Punch, My Friend

James White is reporting what many feared would be the outcome of Jason Stellman's recent announcement to leave the PCA and his rejection of Sola Scriptura and Sola Fide.  White writes this:

07/24/2012 - James White
Jason Stellman just announced his defection to Romanism in these words:
More specifically, I no longer see the Reformed doctrines of Sola Scriptura and Sola Fide as faithfully reflecting what the Bible teaches, which is why I will, Lord willing, be received into full communion with the Catholic Church sometime in the next several months.
Just a few weeks ago I leaned over and looked Jason in the eye. He was sitting on the couch in my office, a matter of feet from where I am sitting right now. I'm sure he noted with some humor my lava lamps, which would have been directly behind me as I spoke. "If you are going to Rome, go all the way. Mary, Popes, the whole nine yards. Then debate me on it." He laughed. 

As I sadly read the above cited words I could not help but shake my head. Jason knows the Apostles did not teach what Rome teaches on so many things. He knows there wasn't a single person at Nicea who believes what Rome requires him to believe de fidetoday, and that he has to buy into a massively complex, easily challenged house of philosophical cards to keep the Roman authority system standing. I do not understand what drives the kind of agnosticism about the authority of God's Word that has driven him into a system that offers no peace and no finished work of Christ. He refused to defend Romanism when we talked, he only wanted to pose hypotheticals that Rome has no meaningful answer to. But in any case, I can report with honesty that I gave it to him straight: if he went to Rome, he was abandoning the gospel, abandoning his call, abandoning all that is good and right and just and true, for a man-made system of endless penances, alter Christi, non-perfecting sacrifices, satis passio, and enough mythical dogmas about Mary to make the devotees of the Queen of Heaven blush. It will not satisfy, it will leave him empty and forlorn, once that initial "honeymoon" phase is over. When he sees it from the inside, when the glow of the New Convert Syndrome wears off, he will see he has accomplished nothing outside of the destruction of his own ministry and the trust others had placed in him. It is sad to see, but he will have to testify: I warned him clearly, and without compromise. I even asked him, "Has anyone else spoken to you with as much passion?" "No" was his reply.

I'm saddened by this news.  You can read the rest of White's comments here...


Apparently Jason made this announcement at Called to Communion.  His post was taken down but a web-cached version is available here...


Now the web-cached version has been removed.  If you would like to read the text of Stellman's post with comment go here:  here


Anonymous said...

This is all I have to say to respond:

Dave Sarafolean said...


I saw the video before you posted it and found it pretty lame.

BTW no one here is tossing around the term "heretic."

Next time use your name.

Ken said...

The constant condemnation from those like James White in the reformed camp is so tiresome. He is a subpar scholar with a lame doctorate whose career is based off of his "shock" value. Because he makes audacious claims and condemns entire denominations (loose cannon syndrome) to hell he has a very successful ministry. Don't believe me? Take a way all of his articles that demean and insult other religions and what of substance remains? What great academic, theological achievement gives this man so much credibility? I have no respect for the man although I still love and pray for him.

Dave Sarafolean said...


I have no vested interest in James White. He is cited because he is one of those that Jason Stellman sought out for advice.

To be honest, I don't Jason spoke with the enough of the right people. He didn't speak with R. Scott Clark (who teaches historical theology)

Apparently he didn't speak with R.C. Sproul either. Another name he should've sought out is Carl Trueman of Westminster Philadelphia (I'm taking an online class through Puritan Reformed that he taught on the forerunners to the Reformation. He knows his stuff - not just Protestant theology but Augustine, Aquinas, and other medieval theologians).

So, your critique of James White might be spot-on but I didn't recommend that Jason speak with him. I'm just reporting the facts.

Anonymous said...


The problem with most people is personal & not theological.

99% of Christians refuse to see the PHARISEE ELEPHANT in the New Testament!

Jesus choose 12 Apostles & patiently taught them for 3 years.

Along comes a Pharisee, Saul & tells them he has seen the "light" & what Jesus founded is scrapped!

Galatians ch 1 & 2; 2 Corinthians ch 11.