Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Issues Etc. The Real Numbers About It's Audience

For those following the cancellation of the Lutheran broadcast Issues, Etc. the real numbers are in. The denomination's heirarchy cited low radio listeners as the chief reason for killing the program, sacking its host Rev. Todd Wilken and his producer Jeff Schwarz, and removing its archives from the internet.

Consider this quote:

How Large Was the Issues Etc. Internet Audience?

The Quantcast website keeps traffic information for over 2 million websites. One of the sites that they monitored traffic for was IssuesEtc.org
Quantcast traffic stats are VERY revealing. They show that IssuesEtc.org was receiving over 12,000 unique visitors a month. That is FAR and AWAY a bigger figure than the 1,600 listeners that Strand claimed listened to the show.

As the saying goes, "There's something fishy in Denmark."

Read the rest here:

Save the LCMS!: How Large Was the Issues Etc. Internet Audience?

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