Thursday, May 15, 2008

God's Mysterious Ways

I found this gem at Dr. John Currid's blog, True North.

Mysterious Providence III

Daniel Webster Whittle was a major in the Union army during the American Civil War during the 1860’s. He later became a well known preacher of the gospel, and he often related how he became a Christian during the bloody conflict between the States.

He said, ‘When the Civil War broke out, I left my home in New England and came to Virginia as lieutenant of a company in a Massachusetts regiment. My dear mother was a devout Christian, and parted from me with many a tear, and followed me with many a prayer. She had placed a New Testament in a pocket of the haversack that she arranged for me. We had many engagements, and I saw many sad sights, and in one of the battles I was knocked out, and that night my arm was amputated above the elbow. As I grew better, having a desire for something to read, I felt my haversack, which I had been allowed to keep, and found the little Testament my mother had placed there. I read right through the book – Matthew, Mark, Luke, to Revelation. Every part was interesting to me; and I found to my surprise that I could understand it in a way that I never had before. When I had finished Revelation, I began at Matthew, and read it through again. And so for days I continued reading, and with continued interest; and still with no thought of becoming a Christian, I saw clearly from what I read the way of salvation through Christ.’

And then a most amazing event happened in this prison hospital...

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Wes said...

Great link Dave! I read all of his "Mysterious Providence" entries. Amazing.