Friday, August 15, 2008

Cavuto: The Democrats are Done -

I like Neil Cavuto, anchor and managing editor of Fox Business News. I don't usually get to watch him but occasionally catch one of his columns. Here is what he says about Senator Obama, Speaker Pelosi and the entire Democrat Party...

Cavuto: The Democrats are Done

It's August.
It's early.
But for Democrats, it's over.
Over. Done. Fini.
At the risk of sounding like I've snapped...allow me this snap judgment.
The Democrats have just lost the presidency this week.
For them, a horrible week.
So discombobulated. So inconsistently communicated and messaged, that they've lost their message.
And I think, this election too.
Because here's the deal as we end this week, my friends.
The Dems...are done.
I know. Laugh all you want. And I will conveniently destroy this message in the event I'm wrong.
But here's why I don't think I am.
During this crucial defining period that brought a Russian bear out of hibernation and a befuddled Nancy Pelosi into drilling reality...allow me to drill home this point.
Democrats lost a lot of mojo this week, their only saving grace that it's an August week.
I don't think that will save them...

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Cavuto: The Democrats are Done -

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