Monday, October 6, 2008

The Pacific NW Presbytery and Peter Leithart

Dr. R. Scott Clark at the Heidelblog has a good post summarizing the recent decision of the Pacific Northwest Presbytery (PCA) to exonerate Dr. Peter Leithart with regard to his views concerning the theology that is commonly called "Federal Vision." That presbytery met over the weekend and the majority ruled that several of Leithart's views are exceptions to the Westminster Confession of Faith but are not serious enough to be forbidden from being taught.

Embedded in his post are several links to those close to the situation. I would recommend reading the posts by Lane Keister at Green Baggins and Jason Stellmon at De Regnis Duobos. Lane served as an assistant prosecutor in the Steve Wilkins case and Jason is a member of Pacific Northwest Presbytery who wrote the minority report.

What's clear to me is that though Pacific Northwest had ruled in this case the issue is far from over.

The NW Presbytery and Peter Leithart (2) « Heidelblog

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