Saturday, November 15, 2008

American Thinker: Death of Republican Party

Try this one on for size...

"Republicans had branded themselves as the Party of low taxes, responsible spending and limited government. Virtually everything President Bush has done since his tax cuts in 2001 has been the exact opposite.

* Prescription coverage for Medicare and Medicaid, the largest expansion of entitlements since LBJ.
* No Child Left Behind, sponsored by Ted Kennedy and leading to even more Federal intrusion into education and doubling federal spending on education.

* Increased steel and lumber tariffs.
* Ending the Freedom to Farm effort and expanded ethanol subsidies.
* Increases in the minimum wage, the first in 10 years.
* Increasing spending from about 18.4% of GDP to 20% and more, and turning surpluses into deficits.
* Campaign Finance Reform.
* And almost forgot, our President had the Justice Dept. file an
amicus brief to weaken the 2nd Amendment in the Heller case.

And now this, a cumulative bailout of $1.8 trillion. Do you know how much $1.8 trillion is? It's what the entire Federal budget was in 2000. And Bush signed onto that much in just the last two weeks, on top of the $3 trillion regular budget. At this point, I don't care if we double the subsidies to mohair farmers or buy a bridge to nowhere. Bail out California, too -- just $7B, hardly a blip on the radar.

How long can you go on speechifying about the free market or limited government when this is your track record?

(If social issues, especially pro-life, are what drives your vote, explain why Roe v Wade has only been strengthened since 1973, all by a court with 7 of the 9 Justices, and every Chief Justice since 1953, appointed by Republicans. Name any other things the Republicans actually delivered for you when they had the Presidency, the Senate and the House, together. I'm waiting ...)...

Democrats are painting our current financial mess as a "failure of the free market." Worse, no Republican is answering the charge. In fact, our last presidential nominee said, "you're right."

Read the rest here -
American Thinker: Time Of Death: Oct. 3, 2008

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Jeannette said...

Good article. The comment about voting pro-life reminded me of a conversation I had with someone who had confronted a Republican elected official about why nothing has been done about abortion when Republicans have had opportunities. The elected official told him that abortion will never be taken off the table, because the Republican Party garners too many votes based on that issue alone. It's hard not to become cynical. We just keep praying God will raise up godly leaders.

Dave Sarafolean said...


Comments like the one you reference are truly sad. It underscores the fact that we really need to be on our knees.

ScottH said...

Good article pastor. I saw it on Ken Mattson's blog. You're right,with the Republicans acting like liberal Democrats why would people vote for them? I'll say this I voted both times for Dubbya. If he could run again I'd be hard pressed to vote for him after all his "compassionate conservatism" nonsense! I think you know as well as I do what the problem is. The church in America is weak. When you have seeker sensitive,health and wealth,emergent,and a myriad of buffoons parading on TBN and INSP it's no wonder why this country is in trouble. Oh I forgot to mention Kenny Copeland hopscotching all over the globe in his "anointed" 20 million dollar albatross... I mean jet! Lord help us! P.S. and let us not forget Mr. "Your Best Life Now," Joel Osteen!