Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy First Birthday! Joshua Judges Ruth

One year ago today I started this blog. For some time I had considered doing so but I am not the most tech savvy person around. So I procrastinated for a while and sized up the situation. During the Christmas break lake year I began to experiment and went live on 1/2/08.

Somewhere I read (Carl Trueman at Reformation21 Blog ??) that blogging is an inherently narcissistic activity. I can't say that I entirely disagree with that assessment as there are plenty of examples in the blogosphere of people who want to talk about themselves.

Sure, this blog is a record of my opinion on a lot of subjects. But it is also a tool that can be used to teach others -- the members of my church, inquisitive on-lookers, peers in ministry, or anyone who stops by.

At times I've made mistakes and been taken to the woodshed. But for the most part it has been a delight. In many respects blogging is a form of journalism and requires many of the same skills: It has taught me about the importance of getting all the facts. It has taught me not to judge motives. It has also forced me to be concise and to write clearly.

In the year ahead I look forward to blogging more and honing this craft.


Jeannette said...

Happy blog birthday! It's a great pastime/craft. Looking forward to what this year brings! :)

Jeannette said...

I don't know if you read Tim Challies blog, but he has a post today about the birth and development of his blog which is rather interesting.

Dave Sarafolean said...


Do you have a link? I'd like to read what he has to say.

Jeannette said...

The link is

Dave Sarafolean said...

Great piece! Thanks for sharing. His wilderness experience kind of parallels my own. I'm not sure I will ever be able to post something daily but "ya never know" (as they say in deh UP, Wisconsin and Minnesota).

Joe said...

Dave, I'm glad you're blogging. I've especially appreciated your invitations to comment and your eagerness to engage.

As for narcicism, I'd say if you worry about being narcissistic, you probably aren't!