Wednesday, March 25, 2009

PC-USA Three Additional Presbyteries Oppose Fidelity and Chastity

Well, it's turning into a horse race over in the PC-USA between those who wish to maintain the current Book of Church Order requirement of fidelity and chastity among the clergy and those who wish to rescind it. The current vote is 79 for keeping the requirement vs. 53 who want to rescind it. What's interesting is that many of the presbyteries who have yet to vote are already on the record as wanting to rescind it and a number of others might follow. Click here for one article here and here for the latest report.

What got me looking into this was a recent visit to our church by an older couple. Turns out that they are from a PC-USA church. The husband, an elder in the church, reported that recently his presbytery voted in favor of rescinding the clause requiring fidelity and chastity among the clergy. So in effect his fellow elders and the churches they represent are on the record saying that they see no problem with gays or lesbians in the pulpit. Consequently he sees little common ground with these people (let's not call them brothers, okay?).

Dr. R. Scott Clark recently reported on some additional goings on the in PC-USA that are jaw-dropping if not stomach turning. You can read his comments Mainline Escapades but be warned about clicking on the links. What's most helpful in his post is his advice to those believers who are still in the PC-USA.

Over thirty years ago Francis Schaeffer wrote on this very theme. And at that time he concluded that those who were staying in the mainline church were offering up their children to the god, Molech. Since that time things have gone from bad to worse. I cannot fathom why believers would stay in that denomination.

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