Saturday, May 9, 2009

Update: The PCA and Deaconesses

Correction - Philadelphia is not scheduled to meet and discuss the issue until later this month. My apologies for any confusion. I have re-worded my post.

News is out about recent declarations concerning the issue of deaconesses in the PCA (a role not defined in our constitution). Two presbyteries met earlier this week and here is a brief overview:
New York Metro Presbytery rescinded its earlier declaration on this topic. The presbytery had received two complaints about its previous action affirming a position paper that created a multitude of choices concerning diaconal ministry. Upon further reflection the presbytery, by a large majority, pulled back from that statement.

Philadelphia Presbytery is also going to consider the same position paper later this month. At their March meeting one church put forth an overture requesting the presbytery to 'toe the line' on this topic as defined by our constitution. Curiously, this overture was defeated, and so was a roll call vote whereby everyone had to have their votes recorded.

There were two other proposals concerning deaconesses on the docket. One was defeated and the other was tabled for future discussion (perhaps at the May meeting).

I am encouraged by the actions of New York Metro Presbytery to rescind this earlier statement. Whatever Philadelphia decides will be too late to bring to this year's General Assembly.

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