Tuesday, June 30, 2009

LC-MS: I guess we are divided, after all

Mollie Z. Hemingway has written a short piece detailing some of the internal strife within the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod. She cites a recent pastoral letter from President Keischnick detailing areas of division:

* “The administration of the Sacrament of Holy Communion, mainly the question of who should be invited or allowed to commune at the altar of our Lord in LCMS congregations.
* “The service of women, mainly the question of in what roles and capacities Scripture allows or commends the participation and involvement of women in the church.
* “Questions about proper forms of worship, mainly how much uniformity is necessary in the worship life of LCMS congregations, how much and what kind of diversity in forms of worship is acceptable.
* “Inter-Christian relationships, mainly the question of how to remain a biblical, confessional, evangelical, Christian, Lutheran church body boldly confessing the truth in love, relating to other Christians and Christian churches while honoring our covenants of love to avoid unionism and syncretism.”

It's a short piece and you can read it here:
Kieschnick: I guess we are divided, after all

Sounds a lot like the divisions we see in the PCA (see my previous post,
Reflections on the 2009 General Assembly - Final)

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