Monday, June 22, 2009

Reflections on the 2009 General Assembly, I

Monday June 15th – Up at 3:30 AM, out the door at 4:00 driving to Detroit. Flight to Orlando went perfectly. Arrived at conference center on time. MTW Committee met at 1:00 PM. Business involved approving minutes from board meetings throughout the year, reviewing most recent audit, and approving budget for 2010. Business was concluded at 4:00 PM. Went over to the Overtures Committee and sat in on their discussion. Surprisingly the room was rather empty with only ½ of the eligible delegates showing up. The hot topic was the role of women (deaconess issue) – to appoint a study committee or to deny the request. With only about 80 delegates in the room the vote to deny the request was 40 for, 35 against, with about 3 abstentions. The minority set to writing a minority report to request that the study committee be appointed. It would be moved on Thursday as a substitute motion.

One scary moment: a commissioner (elderly) collapsed in front of me. He was walking towards me as part of a group of four of five other people. As he approached his walking sped up and was very erratic. I thought that he was horsing around with his friends when he fell face first onto the floor just inside the main convention center entrance. I was the first to come to his aid but several others arrived within seconds. Fortunately one knew that he was a diabetic and another had a son with severe diabetes. The latter was able to find a glucose meter (? Sorry, I’m not a doctor) and check his blood. By this point he was bleeding from the nose and unresponsive. His blood sugar was very low and his insulin was very high. We were able to get him up and give him some sugared drinks while we waited for the paramedics. I saw him a couple of days later and told him that I was glad that he was participating in the assembly. Apart from a bruised nose a couple of black eyes he was fine. He also graciously thanked me for coming to his aid (I wasn’t fishing for a compliment I just wanted him to know that I was glad that he was up and about).

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