Tuesday, August 4, 2009

So Three Cows Walk into Court .  .  .

Here is an interesting piece about animal rights and the attempt of some to give them practically the same status as people. Far-fetched? Not really given the judicial activism of our day.

"Imagine you are a cattle rancher looking for liability insurance. You meet with your broker, who, as expected, asks a series of questions to gauge your suitability for coverage:

Have you ever been sued by your cattle?

If the answer is yes, what was the outcome of that suit?

Have you received any correspondence or other communication from your herd's legal representatives threatening suit or seeking to redress any legal grievance?

If you think that's a ridiculous scenario, that animals suing their owners could never happen, think again. For years, the animal rights movement has quietly agitated to enact laws, convince the government to promulgate regulations, or obtain a court ruling granting animals the 'legal standing' to drag their owners (and others) into court."

Click on the link to read the entire article as posted in The Weekly Standard.
So Three Cows Walk into Court .  .  .:

To put this into perspective, at this moment, unborn human beings are being aborted on demand. It would be nice to see some logical consistency on the part of those pushing for animal rights.

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