Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Being Faithful in a Secular World with Darryl Hart

During some quiet moments I had a chance to listen to this interview. At first I was a little put off because of Dever's questioning -- it sounds like an interrogation. However, the reason for this becomes clear a bit later as he was trying to lay a foundation for his Baptist audience to understand a confessional Presbyterian (OPC in this case).

This is a wide-renging interview touching on topics like conversion, faith, polity (church government), evangelism, J. Gresham Machen, Mercersburg Theology, politics, Wendell Berry, worship, cultural engagement, and Word and Sacrament ministry. The interview is about an hour but well worth the time.

Of note is this comment:

"The news stories in...New Horizons (the OPC magazine and presumably the magazine of any other faithful denomination)... are more important than the news stories on the cover of the New York Times. Because Christ's Kingdom is being established by His church...He's given the church the means to establish His Kingdom and that is happening wherever knees bow and Christ is confessed."

Sure, that is a provocative statement, and he admits that point, but it remains true. Makes you wonder how many pastor's have that much confidence in the proclamation of God's Word and the administration of the sacraments. Click on the link below to listen or to download.

Being Faithful in a Secular World with Darryl Hart

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