Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sinner & Sinned-Against

In seminary I was required to take an introductory class in counseling. It was taught by Dr. Richard Winter, a psychologist and psychiatrist, who formerly worked at L'Abri. One of the main things I remember about the class was his statement that "All people are both sinners, and people who have been sinned-against." Thus, people are responsible for their own sinful behavior but that is always compounded by what they have suffered at the hands of others.

Yesterday the news broke of actress Mackenzie Phillips and her tumultuous life. As someone who is about the same age I found it hard not to at least know that she was a teenage star in the sit-com, One Day at a Time (a show I did not watch). Over the years I found it hard to understand her talent coupled with her off-screen downward spiral. This news explains much about that seeming contradiction. The title of this entry explains the situation that she finds herself in.

Last evening I happened to be flipping channels and saw a few minutes of her interview on Ophrah (another show I never watch). There was only so much that I could endure before changing the channel. I wish her well and pray that she will come to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ who is the only one who can forgive her and bring healing to her soul.

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