Friday, October 2, 2009

Covenant Presbyterian Church - Nashville

I've often thought that church architecture says something about one's theology.  I live in a community influenced heavily by an architect who studied under Frank Lloyd Wright.  Thus, we have some innovative church buildings that don't always achieve the goal of pointing worshipers to a transcendant God.  We also have some newer church buildings that look like retail stores. 

Here is the story of a sister PCA church down in Nashville and their desire to build a facility that honors God both outside and inside.  Putting aside my sinful desire to have something similar (even on a much smaller scale), one word comes to mind: Impressive.  Lord willing, when we hold General Assembly in Nashville next June, I hope to worship in that church.

Click on the link below to watch the short presentation.  To God be the glory.

©Covenant Presbyterian Church


Matthew Bradley said...


Thanks for the kind words about the sanctuary! My name is Matt Bradley and I'm a pastor at Covenant in Nashville. If you're able to join us the Sunday before or after GA, please make sure to find me and introduce yourself. I'd love to welcome you to Nashville.
Maybe I can show you around the church a bit as well. You can reach me at mattb [at] if you want to get in touch beforehand. Take care!

Dave Sarafolean said...


Hey, I know you! We had a couple of meals together at GA with Jason. I remember you saying something about your church (1,200 members, new gothic building) and I decided to investigate. That's how I found the video. I posted it so that others would be edified by what CPC has done.

I would love a tour. I'll be in touch as GA approaches.

Best wishes.