Friday, November 20, 2009

More News Regarding Federal Vision and the PCA

The latest investigative round into Federal Vision Theology in the PCA occurred today down in Atlanta.  The investigation was before the Standing Judicial Commission, the highest court of the PCA. 

About a year ago one of our presbyteries, Pacific Northwest, launched an investigation into one of its pastors, Rev. Peter Leithart, who labors out of bounds in a CREC church.  The Confederation of Reformed Evangelical Churches is a new denomination known for tolerating or embracing (depending on who you talk to) Federal Vision Theology.  The investigation was publicly invited by Rev. Leithart after the PCA adopted its Nine Point Statement on Federal Vision theology in 2007.  The presbytery split on whether his views were outside the bounds of the Westminster Confession of Faith. While the majority voted in his favor a minority filed a complaint which is now before the SJC.

Rev. Jason Stellman, one of those who filed the minority report, was in Atlanta today to testify why he believes Rev. Leithart embraces Federal Vision theology.  You can read his report on his blog:

De Regnis Duobus: An Update From Today's SJC Proceedings

It might be a while before the SJC rules on the merits of this case. Apparently they have about six weeks to conduct their work.  Stay tuned for more developments.  If you'd like some more background on this case see the list to the right and click on "Federal Vision."

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