Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Overton Window

Most folks have never heard of Joe Overton. A few years ago I had the pleasure of meeting him via a mutual friend and the three of us enjoyed lunch together. Afterwards he spent an hour showing me around The Mackinac Center and telling me about his life's work of advocating sound public policy. Over lunch we discovered both of us were involved in Campus Crusade as college students. He attended Michigan Tech and I was at UW-Stevens Point. The groups from our respective schools went to the same conferences and retreats. So we probably crossed paths numerous times in college but never met. Tragically, he died in a small plane crash in 2003.

His name hit the national airwaves recently concerning "The Overton Window." Turns out that a principle he defined and that bears his name has become normal parlance in the realm of public policy. His principle has even been picked up by Fox News' Glenn Beck.

What is the Overton Window? Click below for a concise definition.

The Overton Window (Mackinac Center)

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