Thursday, December 10, 2009

Peter Leithart & The Ruling of the PCA's Standing Judicial Commission

Over at De Regnis Duobus PCA Pastor Jason Stellman reports on the initial findings of the Standing Judicial Commission on the theological views of Dr. Peter Leithart. In short, a panel of 2 TEs and 2 REs is recommending that this case be sent back to the Pacific Northwest Presbytery for further adjudication. The panel has concluded that Pacific Northwest Presbytery erred in its initial findings that Dr. Leithart's views were not outside the confessional boundaries of the PCA. The SJC is recommending that PNW reverse that earlier decision. The SJC will have a final decision on this matter in March 2010.

Some might be elated by this news. But as Jason Stellman writes, "There are no real winners here."

Visit his blog and read the downloads for yourself.

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12/12/09 Update: You can find another good explanation of this case at:
The Aquila Report: PCA SJC Panel Proposes Judicial Process against TE Leithart in Federal Vision Case


Michael said...

There's been an update on this. Dr. Rayburn,the respondent for the presbytery before the SJC, recently submitted a brief protesting the panel’s decision. The text of the protest is now available here:

Dave Sarafolean said...


Thanks for the heads up. I saw that response but haven't had time to digest it.