Friday, January 22, 2010

MegaChurch Analysis from the UK

I like the Brits -- they don't mince words.  They aren't afraid to call a spade, 'a spade'.  Consider these words from one Brit who recently visited Rick Warren's Saddleback Community Church.  How many other mega-churches could also wear this slipper? 
As a navel-gazer, I was depressed by Saddleback. It seemed the butt end of Christianity: stripped of history and icon­ography, wholly immersed in its secular surroundings, constructed according to a business model and promoted by motivational speakers – bland, cheerful, dull.

 We drove away, past immaculate housing estates and strip malls iterating chain restaurants and shops, replicated in every suburb from coast to coast. I wondered why anyone would want to live in that charmless place, much less to get more of the same at church.

There is a term for this: Christless Christianity.  Not familiar with it?  Google the term and look for Dr. Mike Horton's explanation. 
Read the rest here: A Review of Saddleback and Rick Warren: The Guardian
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