Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Siouxlands Presbytery - Firing Back

Last weekend the moderates in Siouxlands Presbytery carried the day by approving a nine month reprieve for a man accused of teaching Federal Vision theology and by launching an investigation of a vocal critic.  Earlier today confessional folks responded on two fronts.

TE Wes White has posted several items on his blog available here.  Of note are several documents including TE Josh Moon's speech defending the man in question.  This alone needs to be closely reviewed.  Dr. Scott Clark has posted some thoughts here.

Related to this is another debate concerning TE Peter Leithart who has been found to be teaching Federal Vision theology by the Standing Judicial Commission.  Defending him is Rev. Robert Rayburn, who is, TE Moon's father-in-law.  Rayburn recently posted a paper criticizing the SJC process and conclusions.  Responding to this paper is TE Lane Keister, another member of Siouxlands Presbytery.  His comments can be found here. 

Maintaining the purity of the church can be a messy and time consuming task.  However, looking the other way and playing nice will destroy the church.  May the rest of Siouxlands come to their senses and deal with this issue head on.  


Wes White said...

You can now read TE Lane Keister's reply to TE Joshua Moon, pastor of Good Shepherd PCA of Minnetonka, Minnesota.


Dave Sarafolean said...


I saw it earlier today but haven'thad time to fully read it. When was it written and submitted to presbytery?

You guys have been very careful in documenting TE Lawrence's views, and now, TE Moon's views: I'm not sure why there is reticence to act.

I'm glad that you posted those documents. Keep up the good work.