Monday, February 22, 2010

DG Hart interview on the 2 Kingdoms

On another blog I've been following a discussion about Two Kingdom theology.  It is apparent that many don't get it, don't want to get it, or simply play the "Lutheran" card to end all discussion (i.e. your view of the God's Kingdom is not reformed but Lutheran).

Recently I found this link to several interviews that Darryl Hart gave concerning the topic of God's Kingdom.  Enjoy!

Links to DG Hart interview on the 2 Kingdoms


Kaitiaki said...

At the risk of being misunderstood, it seems to me that the problem with the Two Kingdoms Debate (at least as explained by DG Hart) is that both sides are trying to get the other to acknowledge the truth of their own position.

There are implication in the Gospel for society, especially where Christians are in the majority and have the responsibility to make and enforce the laws. It is equally true that the Church should not be directly involved in political decision making. For myself I see no problem. The Church ought to spell out the practical implications of spiritual realities and there should be no problem in being indirectly involved in State affairs. As a Calvinist I neither agree with pietistic withdrawing from the world nor with requiring others to accept my political views as Gospel.

Nevertheless, when Calvin spoke to the council about restraining the licentiousness of the citizens of Geneva he spoke as more than merely Jean Cauvin, citizen. He spoke on behalf of the ministers of the Protestant Churches. It was his care for the spiritual welfare of the city that made him speak to those who had the temporal responsibility to urge them to fulfill that responsibility impartially.

True he did view Protestant Christianity as an established religion (contrary to the United States Presbyterian fathers). Maybe the version of the WCF which separates Church and State was wrong? Surely not!

Kaitiaki said...

I should have mentioned I found DG Hart's interview very interesting and quite helpful. Thank you for posting the link, Dave :)

Dave Sarafolean said...


I agree with folks talking past each other. Lot's of heat and little light.

If you search my blog under Culture, Kingdom of God, and Two Kingdom Theology, you will find several essays on this topic. I'm trying to sort it out myself and am becoming more persuaded by Hart, Clark and Trueman than by those who follow Kuyper. I've got a long way to go.