Saturday, March 20, 2010

Siouxlands Presbytery - Theatre of the Absurd

On the heels of the SJC ruling on Peter Leithart now comes word from Siouxlands Presbytery that a pastor and his elders at the center of the Federal Vision debate are pointing fingers at one of their critics accusing him of defamatory language. I first read about this last night on Brian Carpenter's blog and couldn't believe my eyes.  Things are going from bad to worse. 

Brian reports how the elders of the church in Mankato, Minnesota, whose pastor Greg Lawrence is at the center of the Federal Vision debate, have now decided to press charges against TE Wes White for defamatory language on his blog. Instead of heeding the advice of their brethren who have spoken in two investigative committee reports which found their pastor teaching outside the bounds of the Westminster Confession of Faith they have decided to circle the wagons to protect him.  THEY SHOULD BE PROTECTING THE FLOCK UNDER THEIR CARE NOT OBSTRUCTING THE INVESTIGATIVE WORK OF THE PRESBYTERY. CAPICHE? Click on this link to read his report Well, Isn't That Special?

Pastor Wes White writes his own account about Answering Wilson's Attack Dogs.  

For those who wonder what can be done our Book of Church Order has a mechanism whereby other presbyteries can get involved.  It's too early to know if those options should be pursued.  Stay tuned. 

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