Monday, April 12, 2010

Taking the Reformation Back to Germany

And now for something positive about the PCA...

I just finished listening to a wonderful interview concerning Sebastian Heck and Reformation2Germany. The interview was conducted by Dr. R. Scott Clark of Westminster Seminary in California. Joining them was Rev. Will Traub, Director of Theological Training for the PCA in Europe.

Sebastian is spear-heading a church planting effort to reintroduce the reformed faith into Germany. Yes, it still exists, at least on paper and in state churches, but the marks of the true church are largely lacking. They are planning to hold their first worship service next Sunday (4/18/10).

Click on the link below to listen to the interview in its entirety. You will gain and understanding of Sebastian and his vision. You will also learn about the spiritual climate of Germany and gain an understanding of the theological movements that have swept the land since the Reformation.  Finally, should you wish to partner with Sebastian information is provided on how you may contact him.

Heidelcast April 11, 2010: Taking the Reformation Back to Germany « Heidelblog

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