Saturday, May 8, 2010

Minding Our Own Business...

Last year I was less than thrilled when the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) published a position paper on immigration reform.  When I learned that a representative from my denomination voted in favor of that document (here) I was pretty upset.  The document is full of shoddy exegetical work and stretches the biblical narrative to fit modern cultural issue.

Recently another evangelical leader has published his thoughts on another public policy issue - universal healthcare - and why he believes it is a good thing.  Where does this person (whose resume includes being a pastor, former VP of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, now editor of Leadership Journal) have any credibility on the issue?  You can read more at this link: Old Life Theological Society » Blog Archive » Another Reason Why Evangelicals Aren’t Conservative.

The church has only one message for this world - 'believe on the Lord Jesus Christ to be saved from your sins.'  When we engage in other endeavors we look foolish and are unfaithful to this calling.  Here is a good rule of thumb: Speak where Scripture speaks and remain silent when Scripture is silent.

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