Friday, June 4, 2010

Keswick Theology - An Analysis

As one who came to faith in college and who drank deeply from the streams of broad evangelicalism for years, I was particularly interested to learn of a new book, entitled "Why 'Let God and Let God' Is a Bad Idea." The book is by Andy Naselli, someone whose name I have never encountered but by all counts is someone to learn from. The book is an analysis of the Keswick (pronounced 'Kessick') movement and its distinctive view of sanctification.

Ever hear of the Spirit-filled life? Victorious Christian living? Being totally consecrated to the Lord? The carnal Christian? Ever feel like a failure because you haven't achieved victory over sin? Have you been told that the secret of Christian living is having 'a deeper life'? Then you've been exposed to it.

Here are two articles explaining the movement and Naselli's book:

Kevin DeYoung does a nice job providing a background to the movement and names influential leaders in it Here (it is worth reading just for the names of those evangelical leaders who espouse it).

Derek Thomas has also written a nice review Here.

If you'd like to understand how the reformed view of sanctification differs from about eight other contemporary views in evangelicalism then you must do a bit of reading.  Check out these two books:

Christian Spirituality - Five Views of Sanctification. Edited by Donald L. Alexander. InterVarsity Press
Five Views on Sanctification - Academic Books, Zondervan. 

The first title has a splendid essay by Sinclair Ferguson on the reformed view of sanctification.  The second title has Anthony Hoekema representing the reformed position.  Unfortunately he takes Romans 7 as a description of Paul before his conversion which weakens his overall argument.  However, he does a nice job interacting with J. Robertson McQuilken who argues for the Keswick position.

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