Monday, August 9, 2010

Gay Marriage - Reformation21 Blog

Last week a federal judge struck down California's Proposition 8 which blocked homosexual marriage.  In the face of this act of judicial activism the cultural warriors have expressed outrage and are planning their next moves. 

Over at the Reformation 21 Blog, Dr. Carl Trueman has a helpful post for those of us in the church.  He makes four basic points highlighting the challenges ahead for Bible-believing Christians:

1) There is a huge cultural divide on this issue - those under 35, Christian or not, have no problem with gay marriage.  Thus the church cannot assume that there is sufficient cultural bias against homosexuality to help it maintain the status quo.  Nor can the church assume that those under 35 understand Scripture's teaching on this topic.

2) If gay marriage is approved the church will find it increasingly difficult to criticize this lifestyle without being labelled as 'homophobic.'  Similarly, the church will find it increasingly difficult to criticize heterosexual promiscuity. 

3) Churches that have approved women's ordination will face stiff opposition if they reject ordination for gays.  Hermeneutically they will have a tough time explaining how the ordination of women is okay and the refusal to ordain gays is anything but bigotry.

4) Evangelicals who currently have access to major media outlets for commentary will likely find those privileges revoked if they stand against gay marriage and gay ordination.  Trueman writes, "...we are not far from the place where to oppose homosexuality will be regarded as in the same moral bracket as white supremacy."  

Read the rest here: Gay Marriage - Reformation21 Blog

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