Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Essay - The Doctrine of Vocation

Gene Veith has a wonder essay on the doctrine of Christian vocation over at his blog. It was written for publication in the latest issue of WORLD magazine. Here is the first paragraph:

Arenas of Service

Work & Calling: A return to Luther’s doctrine of vocation would mean a return to God’s priorities for our lives—and a return to being more effective salt and light in the world.
Gene Edward Veith

Some early church fathers co-opted pagan holidays and turned them into Christian celebrations. Labor Day is ripe for a Christian takeover. A day that had its origins in the early struggles of the labor union movement is now little more than the last long weekend of summer vacation, a final time to fire up the grill before the fall grind starts up again. But celebrating the human capacity to work is an occasion to recover one of Christianity’s most important, yet nearly forgotten teachings; namely, the doctrine of vocation.

Vocation is nothing less than the theology of the Christian life. It provides the blueprint for how Christians are to live in the world and to influence their cultures. It is the key to strong marriages and effective parenting. According to the classic Protestant theologians, our multiple vocations—in the family, the culture, and the workplace—are where sanctification and discipleship happen.

Click here for the rest of the article: Cranach: Vocation As The Christian Life

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