Thursday, January 27, 2011

byFaith Magazine - The PCA Public Affairs Office Announces New Funding Plan is in the Works

Wow. It is amazing how fast our denomination's magazine, ahem, public affairs office, can put out a statement for public consumption when it concerns something that it wants to promote.  It only took months for this office to note dissenting votes when BCO 14 amendments were being defeated by a 2:1 margin last fall.  More recently it took the better part of a week for it to acknowledge that those some amendments had been soundly defeated by more than 1/3 of our presbyteries. 

Now comes this headline: byFaith Magazine - PCA News - CMC to Propose Alternative AC Funding Plan: New Plan Being Readied for 2012 Assembly

So, barely a week after its sound repudiation over the BCO Chapter 14 amendments the Cooperative Ministries Committee is back at it drafting something for the 2012 General Assembly. The unnamed writer breathlessly assures us that the Cooperative Ministries Committee will come up with something that is "equitable and constitutional."  Whew, I'm relieved. 

Question: Has anyone on this committee actually sat down and considered the level of distrust that they have created across the denomination?

Expect a huge PR campaign to accompany this new plan. 

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