Monday, March 21, 2011

One-Legged Wrestler Wins NCAA Title

While the world watched unfolding events in Libya and Japan, and while most sports fans were concerned about the NCAA Basketball Tournament, the feel good story of the weekend came from an unlikely place: Philadelphia. 

I happened to be out with my wife for a meal and saw an incredible wrestling match for the NCAA Title in the 125 lb class.  The match featured defending national champion, Matt McDonough, a sophomore from Iowa, and Arizona State senior, Anthony Robles, who was born without a right leg.  Robles turned in an overwhelming performance and won the match 7-1.

If you missed this match check out the links below.  If you're prone to whining see what determination will help you achieve. 

Wall Street Journal

One-Legged Wrestler Wins NCAA Title

Go here to get ESPN's take. 

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