Saturday, May 7, 2011

What Lutherans Do with Their Beer Bottles - St. Luke's Lutheran Church , Park Ridge , Illinois

Here is an amusing video showing one creative use for beer bottles. Hat’s off to this group of Lutherans. I know that some might complain that these are not the good Lutherans (i.e. confessional) and that their witness is tainted. To me that is beside the point. Here are ordinary people using their gifts (albeit in a light and trivial way) to enjoy God’s creation. I guess the best word for this is vocation.  I read some of the comments and loved the one that said they got the beer from the Catholics.

Imagine how this story would be interpreted if a different church affiliation was represented.  For instance, if a bunch of neo-Kuyperian PCA folks were doing this all sorts of ink would be spilled defending their actions as “redeeming of culture.”  Lest you doubt me check out this post or this one.

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