Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Last Train Home

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Last evening I watched a fascinating program on PBS entitled The Last Train Home.  It is the story of a Chinese family who are migrant workers in their own country.  They chose to leave their small, rural community to find work in a larger city.  This is not unusual for there are at least 130 million Chinese residents who do the same. 

The story highlights many contrasts: rural vs. urban, poor vs. rich, uneducated vs. educated, young vs. old.  Though this is a story about Chinese nationals living in their own country the parallels to the immigrant waves that came to this country cannot be missed.  In the struggles of this family I saw shades of what my great-grandparents and grandparents experienced during their lifetimes. 

I encourage you to watch the trailer, visit the link, and check your local listings.  I also encourage you to watch the film and pray for those you see.  In particular pray that the Gospel would reach these far-flung places and that the church in China would flourish. 

One other note: watch the film as an American and take note that we ought to be looking over our shoulder.  Unless we get our act together China will surpass us economically, militarily, and in just about every other imaginable way. 

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