Wednesday, January 18, 2012

We Hate Bad Religion

A few days ago I began hearing about a video sweeping the internet condemning religion.  Kevin DeYoung, of University Reformed Church in Lansing, Michigan commented on it here and here.  His initial response was right on and the follow-up post indicates constructive engagement with the person who created the video.  This is a good example of people working through their differences.

Someone else has also commented on the video albeit from a confessional Lutheran perspective.  This response uses the medium of video and intersperses clips from the first video with responses from the author.  Go to this link to watch the video:  WHI - We Hate Bad Religion Too 

I can't say that the original video breaks any new ground.  I've pretty much heard it all before having come to faith on the tail end of the Jesus movement.  What's curious is how these arguments come around full-circle to new generations (kind of like clothes that once were fashionable coming back into fashion).

For those concerned about politics please know that the comments in the original video about evangelicals and politics are also answered in this fine book.


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Jonathan said...

Thanks for pointing to that video on the WHI blog, Dave. It briefly touched on something that I've often thought in the past. The "Jesus *not* religion" stuff is often just a veiled legalism. It says in order to love Jesus you *can't* worship in formal ways, you *can't* appreciate tradition, you *can't* dress up in a suit, etc. But you *must* like contemporary worship, you *must* look a certain way, and you *must* talk a certain way in order to be "genuine" and "authentic."

I'm thankful for the interaction between Bethke and DeYoung, though. He does seem like a sincere young guy. He just needs to think a little more about what he's saying before posting things on You Tube.


Jon Bonomo