Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Deaconesses in the PCA

The issue of deaconesses in the PCA is one that continues to drag out.  Five years ago I served on the Committee to Review of Presbytery Minutes at General Assembly.  It was there that we discovered practices in Northern California and Philadelphia Presbytery that were not in conformity to our BCO.

Fast forward five years.  Now a minister in Northern California has published a paper explaining why he cannot abide by the Book of Church Order (here).  Please know that this follows five years of rather intense debate on the matter.  Numerous overtures have been offered and debated related to this question.  General Assembly has also sent official communications to a number of presbyteries.

Wes White has published a great history of our denomination's actions in addressing this matter (here).  All officers in the PCA have taken vows to submit to their brethren.  I'm not sure why some cannot hear the voice of the church on this matter.   

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