Thursday, August 2, 2012

D.G. Hart: Development of Doctrine - Protestant-Style

Darryl Hart has written a very thoughtful piece about the development of doctrine that challenges commonly held beliefs about the early church.  The Roman Catholic assertion is basically that there is absolute continuity between itself and the early church, thus Protestants rebelled not so much against the medieval church (with all of its excesses) but the church as founded by Christ and the apostles.

Hart writes his post in part because he is a historian but also because of recent conversions to Rome by some from conservative, reformed churches.  He is concerned to set the record straight about pre-Reformation doctrinal statements.  His citation of the Third Lateran Council reveals that there was not nearly as much doctrinal consensus as one might think.  Furthermore, he illustrates that Rome's statements about justification come as a response to Protestant formulations on that doctrine and do not precede them.

I encourage you to read his entire post.  It is well worth your time.  

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