Friday, October 5, 2012

Man Starts a church for Jerks

Lark News is reporting a unique and innovative strategy to reach a new people group: A pastor has begun a church especially for Jerks.

YORBA LINDA — Walk into Mark Hanson’s church and nobody will greet you. The guys hanging around the foyer might even make fun of what you’re wearing, or your haircut. A sign over the entrance reads, “Grab a seat in the back and shut up. Nobody cares what you think.”
Welcome to Jerk Church.

“You know these guys,” says Hanson, the pastor and founder. “They sit with their arms folded the whole time, leave during the altar call, criticize the pastor, snort when other people state their opinions and never create lasting bonds of friendship. Their wives are always really stressed. Bingo — that’s my mission field.”

Two years ago, Hanson noticed a “growing population of total jerks” in his community that nobody was reaching with the gospel.

“They’re like white noise, filler — they’re everywhere but nobody sees them,” Hanson says. “They are trapped in their own jerk-dom. My heart went out to them.”

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Anonymous said...

This is too funny, but aren't you afraid someone may see this and decide he also is called to reach the jerks?

Dave Sarafolean said...

Good point however I'm more afraid that I'll be lumped in with the jerks!

Wes said...

Finally! A church that ministers to my people!