Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New Commentary on Exodus

Recently I began a sermon series on the book of Exodus.  This commentary: Exodus: Saved for God's Glory by Philip G. Ryken, came highly recommended by several pastors.  After ordering it I had to wait for weeks due to some sort a delay at the publisher.  Finally it arrived a few days ago.  At more than 1200 pages it is a huge book but it is full of great insights.

Upon opening the package and seeing the size of this volume my youngest child quipped, "Someone needs to get a life!"  He couldn't believe that someone could write so much about one single topic.  Hopefully, in due time, he will come to understand how important this book is to the rest of the Bible.


Wes said...


It's been a great series on Exodus!

Just one question: what's the significance of the Elmer's can in the picture?


Dave Sarafolean said...


It is an Elmer's glue stick. I put it there to show perspective. The book is literally 3 inches thick.