Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Robert Godfrey on the Lure of Rome

R. Scott Clark interviewed Dr. Robert Godfrey, president of Westminster Seminary California, last year about evangelicals converting to Roman Catholicism.  In light of the Jason Stellman move out of the PCA and apparently into the Roman Catholic Church this interview is all the more important.

Clark and Godfrey discuss the belief that there is great continuity between what we see in the Roman Catholic Church today and the ancient church.  For many evangelicals this sounds plausible: Clark and Godfrey provide abundant evidence to the contrary.

Doctrine is also discussed: the Gospel, justification, the sacraments, church government, and interpreting Scripture are all covered.  Contemporary evangelicalism is also discussed - its strengths, its blindspots, and how it can answer Roman Catholic claims to infallibility and an unbroken tradition.

Click on the link to hear the interview:  Godfrey Interview

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