Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Great Lakes Presbytery Vote on Intinction

Last weekend the Great Lakes Presbytery convened for its winter meeting in Fenton, Michigan at Tyrone Covenant Presbyterian Church.

On the docket were several amendments to the Book of Church Order including one that dealt with the topic of observing the Lord's Supper via intinction (dipping the bread into the wine).  What follows is the proposed amendment to ban this practice in the PCA:

Amend BCO 58-5 by adding a final sentence after the words, “While the minister is repeating these words, let him give the cup.” (bold and underlined for addition): 
As Christ has instituted the Lord’s Supper in two sacramental actions, the 
communicants are to eat the bread and drink the cup in separate actions.

After several minutes of discussion and debate the presbytery voted to affirm this proposed amendment by a vote of 16 (for) 5 (against) 2 (abstentions).

Our moderator had the line of the day when he described this as "the extinction of intinction."

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