Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Outrage over Shark Slaughter? Where is the perspective?

A few days ago I read an interesting headline:  Alarming sight: thousands of shark fins drying on Hong Kong rooftop.

The story went on to detail the horror of finding as many as 10,000 shark fins drying in the sun for the Chinese delicacy of shark-fin soup.  It also discusses the slaughter of sharks at such a pace as to possible cause the extinction of some species.

There is merit in that argument.  There is also cause for concern as it relates to the marine environment should a major predator at the top of the food chain be extirpated.  After all we are talking about hundreds and thousands of sharks.  But where is the sense of proportion between this story and a greater carnage that takes place elsewhere in the world each and every day? 

News broke in the last 24 hours that Planned Parenthood set a record for performing abortions in the USA for the most recent year (2011) they reported statistics - a grand total of 333,964.  Folks we're not talking about hundreds or thousands but tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of HUMAN LIVES that were terminated with federal tax dollars.  If we go back to 1973 with the legalization of abortion in this country we are talking millions of unborn humans murdered (in excess of 50,000,000).  Add to that the millions of abortions in Russia, China and other places in the world during those years and one begins to be overwhelmed with the sheer carnage meted out on the weakest and most defenseless.

I have visited Arlington National Cemetery and was moved to tears at the sight of the thousands of white headstones marking the graves of those who fought and died for our country.  I have seen footage of similar cemeteries in Europe where our war dead lie defending that continent and our allies from tyranny.  Yet those cemeteries and all their dead comprise only a tiny fraction of the 50,000,000 killed by abortion since 1973.  

As sad as it is when we hear news that one or more of our service members were killed in action today, there is no way our nation would tolerate a steady drumbeat of 100, 500, 1000, war dead per day.  But somehow we can turn a blind eye to 3,000 + unborn  children being murdered each and every day.  Where is our sense of proportion?  Have we no shame? 

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