Monday, April 21, 2014

Indictment filed against Vision Forum founder Doug Phillips

Earlier today the Aquila Report posted a brief article noting that Doug Phillips, formerly of Vision Forum, has been indicted.  That story is a reprint of an article that has been published in the latest edition of WORLD magazine.  Phillips is the founder of Vision Forum though he was forced to resign last year following allegations of sexual misconduct.  WORLD provides a good summary of the facts but omits a lot of information that is both damaging and embarrassing.

Last week a friend (someone partial to Phillips) sent the following story to me.  He was devastated by what he read.  He contacted the Aquila report requesting that it be posted.  It never ran.  WARNING: The story contains graphic information.  

Christian giant sued for using 'Nanny as a sex object'

Today I came across this story which includes a link to the full indictment which details nine specific charges against Mr. Phillips: Warning: The indictment contains very graphic information.

Patriarchy Indicted 

There is nothing in this story that makes me happy.  But I must say that I'm a little troubled that The Aquila Report and WORLD are not informing the broader church about what allegedly went on.   

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