Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Benny Hinn's Offshore Miracle

Not long ago I put up a couple of posts concerning well-known televangelists, here and here . In the comments section readers posted links to even more outrageous videos.

I recently preached a sermon on II Corinthians 5:10 and the fact that we will all stand before the judgment seat of Christ "so that each one may receive what is due for what he has done in the body, whether good or evil." That is a sobering thought for every Christian to consider.

It seems that Benny Hinn performed a(nother) miracle at a crusade the other day in South Africa. You can read about it here (HT the Pearcey Report). I wonder what Rev. Hinn will say to the Lord about this "miracle."


Anonymous said...

I have an message I'm working on, but I'm to shy to post it. Basically it says that miracles aren't a mark of a true minister of God, because Jesus said many will say that they've done wonders in his name(matt 7:21-23), but he will say that he never knew them.

Jeannette said...

Ashlea got to see Todd Bentley live last week when he took his show to Louisville (she was invited by a friend and went so she would be able to have an informed discussion with the friend). She's planning to blog about all the absurdities soon.

x said...

Why is it that Ken E can apply scripture selectively to say that miracles are not the true mark of a minister, when conversely the bible talks explicitly about doing things greater than Jesus and miracles as evidence that the kingdom of God is at hand?

This isn't in defense of Mr. Hinn, but it is aimed at those who claim to understand the mind of God and back it up with selected scriptural texts to support sound doctrine and weed out false prophets.

As far as Bentley's absurdities go, I'm quite sure anyone could use the Word to present some sort of anti-Bentley case through the same method, based on preconceived notions of what acceptable (not anti-scriptural) church/revival meetings consist of.

What about the "having a form of godliness but denying its power" verse, if we're throwing out verses?

Joe said...

Ken's interpretation is similar to Jonathan Edwards's.

In Charity and Its Fruits, Edwards writes:

"The gifts of tongues, of miracles, of prophecy, etc., although they are not orginarily bestowed on the Christian Church, but only on extraordinary occasions, yet are not peculiar to the godly, for many ungodly men have had these gifts (Matt. 7:22,23)."

Edwards's main point in this chapter (Lecture II of the book) is that charity, or Christian love, is more excellent than the extraordinary gifts of the spirit, including miracles.

x said...

So if it's all about love, which it is (two greatest commandments), than what could be more loving than wanting to bring healing to people in Jesus name?

People aren't dissing Bentley or Hinn for their lack of love for people, their concerned about the sideshow antics.

Listen I don't buy that prosperity gospel stuff, although there's practical outcomes in regards to sowing and reaping.

And yes love is better than doing miracles in Jesus name.

So then it becomes a question of "playing it safe" to avoid getting people worked up over your so-called healing gift, or "going for it" and allowing God to use you and ultimately show His compassion and love for people through his desire to bring healing (physical, emotional and spiritual - all miraculous really) right here, right now.

Dave Sarafolean said...


I don't believe that your reference to greater works (John 14:12) has to do with miracles. The Reformation Study Bible (Ligonier Ministries) has this note:

"History proves that Jesus is not affirming that each believer will do greater miracles than He did. The church's work in the power of the holy Spirit will be 'greater' than Jesus' works in number and territory."


The 'miracle' that Benny Hinn performed was fleecing people of their money. If you read the post and the link you will learn that he promised that people would become millionaires within 24 hours if they used their credit cards to make a $1,000 donation. The 'miracle' was moving funds from South Africa to his bank accounts. I don't see much love for neighbor (charity) in this action.