Monday, January 12, 2009

Atlas Shrugs - A Religion of Peace?

As Israel's military incursion into Gaza nears the end of its 3rd week pro-Palestinian rallies are occurring around the world. Of course there has been some pro-Israeli rallies but much of the attention is has been focused on the Muslim world.

I came across an interesting story about the response of Muslims in Europe -- not everyone is shouting slogans or burning cars. Some are gathering to pray at churches for the expansion of their faith (takbir). Click Here to see photos.

Imagine Christians going to Jerusalem and holding similar events at the Dome of the Rock or some other holy site. Would it be tolerated? Hardly.

The photos tell an important story -- Islam is more than a religion of peace -- it's very name means 'submit.' I hope that people in the West have their eyes open.

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