Thursday, January 8, 2009

Reading through the Bible in a Year

One of the most important things we can do is immerse ourselves in God's Word. As a relatively new Christian I read through the Bible several times and benefitted greatly.

PCA pastor Eric Costa, has produced a schedule to read through the Bible in 50 weeks. Here is his rationale:

There are many existing plans for reading through the Bible in a year. Some have you reading from four places in the Bible every day. Some go through the Psalms and/or the New Testament twice. This one is meant to give you weekends off, be late with that New Year's Resolution, allow for temporary backsliding, and take you very simply through the Old and New Testaments simultaneously. And if you absolutely must be legalistic about it, I even gave you checkboxes.

I looked it over and think its a great schedule. Click here
to find a link to download a PDF. I think that I'll be using it myself.

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