Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Give Us a Shot (Next Level Church)

Wow, I wish that I had thought this one up! Who knows how big my church might be if I had implemented this on day #1 of our church plant?

Seriously, distributing shot glasses as a means to reach the lost and grow the church? The motto is telling: "Real Church for Real People." What constitues being a 'real church'? That's assumed not explained. Moreover, Scripture isn't invoked nor any Reformation creed to offer insight. What about their target audience (real people)? Are they only interested in the white, middle class folks who frequent TGIFriday's, Bennigan's, Ruby Tuesday's, and all of the other chain restaurants at the mall?

Dancing Zebras = We'll do whatever it takes to reach people? Do the ends truly justify the means?

Lest anyone think that I am squeamish about bars and alcohol, think again. My father spent 25 years in the beer industry with most of that time employed with the second largest brewer in the world. In college I once spent the summer driving a beer truck and making deliveries. Beer and bars isn't the problem, nor are friendships with non-Christians. Its the strategy of meeting the lost and trying to grow the church.

Why not simply put away the 'schtick' and be sincerely humble before God? Why not put your energies into prayer, studying the Scriptures, preaching solid sermons, and administering the sacraments? That's the strategy God blesses.

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