Monday, November 2, 2009

Canadian Medical Tourism

Some might wonder why I have a couple of public policy websites (The Acton Institute and The Mackinac Center for Public Policy) listed on a blog that is largely devoted to reformed theology. The answer is simple: both organizations use logic, reason, natural law and free market thinking to argue for public policies that will improve the lives of the most people at the least cost. One might be surprised to learn that a number of believers are employed at both organizations. I say 'surprised' because you will not find Scripture being cited as the basis for public policy. Perhaps the pro-life movement and those involved with other causes consistent with Scripture can learn from this model.

This video is from my friends at The Mackinac Center for Public Policy. It chronicles the phenomena we see here along the US-Canada border -- scores of Canadians coming to the states for medical treatment. Thought-provoking.

Go to for more videos on this topic and other resources devoted free marketing thinking.

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