Friday, January 14, 2011

Missouri Presbytery's Report on TE Jeff Meyers

Click on the link below for the official report from Missouri Presbytery concerning TE Jeff Meyers. I've only scanned a couple of sections of the report and will refrain from comment for now.

UPDATED: MOP-Approved Meyers investigative committee report now available « Johannes Weslianus

From the little that I've read, I couldn't blame anyone if, after reading the report you start singing this song as you ponder the PCA and its future.  It's what I've been humming since last summer's General Assembly.


Pastor St. John said...

And after listening to the "End of the World As We Know It," maybe "Losing My Religion" would be fitting for the situation.

Dave Sarafolean said...

Good point. Didn't think of that one.

It's the End of the World struck me as appropriate because we might be witnessing the beginning of the unraveling of the PCA.