Thursday, June 9, 2011

Funny Things I Heard At General Assembly

This week I've been in lovely Virginia Beach, Virginia for our denomination's General Assembly.  I'm sure that lot's of folk want to hear what's going on.  I'll try to comment on those matters in the future but for now let the following quotes suffice. 

"Hey, that's my seat" - One committee commissioner to another on day two of their committee work.  There were only 40-50 other chairs in the room but for some reason he thought that he owned that seat.  Noticing that people often sit in the same sections or the very same seats on the floor of General Assembly makes one wonder if that perspective is endemic to the PCA. 

"Even though we often voted on opposite sides of the issues, I'm so impressed by your amiable spirit" - One committee commissioner to another.  Translation, "Though you are wrong on most issues you're a nice idiot." 

"We are measuring it with a micrometer, marking with a grease pencil, and cutting with an axe" - RE Bob Mattes taking issue with a ruling of the moderator of the assembly.  His position did not prevail but the assembly got a big laugh out of it. 

"Will they be bringing back their report on Saturday?"  RE Tom Leopard in a moment of personal privilege commenting on the assembly's vote to recommit a matter to the committee.  For those who understood that we were two hours or more behind this comment brought a lot of laughter and a round of applause. 

Moderator TE Dan Carrel, himself an attorney, kept the assembly laughing with many self-deprecating lawyer jokes.  Here's an example:

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